Tadoba Wildlife photography camps FAQ

Which gate will the safaris start from?

All safaris start from Kolara gate.

Is the resort close to the gate?

The Jungle resort is situated at just 5 min of driving distance from Kolara gate.

Why is Kolara the gate of choice?

Kolara gate gives the quickest access to one of the water bodies which is known to have high percentage of tiger sighting.  The other main water body is also reachable in less than 30 min from this gate.  Our experience makes us believe that Kolara gate gives the optimum jungle experience and time.

Do the jungle camps assure of tiger sighting?

No.  Nobody can assure a tiger sighting.  The only place to have assured tiger sighting is a zoo.  However we do make our best by making logical interpretation of different jungle calls as well as observations of pug marks to maximise the possibility of sighting.

What is covered in the camp fees?

The camp fees cover Nagpur to Nagpur travel cost in a car, stay at the Jungle resort with twin accommodation in A/C rooms, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.
The camp fees also cover all the Safari charges, jungle fees, guide charges.

Why does the camp cost so much?

This is because we do not put six people in one Safari vehicle.  Every vehicle takes only 4 participants. We like to give participants freedom and space to move and turn during exciting moments in the jungle.
We also do not arrange triple accommodation in a single room.
Apart from the food, stay and jungle safaris, our camps also include continuous guidance about wildlife photographic techniques.

Are all basics of photography taught during camp?

No. It is assumed that participants have the basic / working knowledge of photography and basic parameters. Photography training includes special tips and techniques about wildlife photography.

What type of camera equipment is required for the camp?

A DSLR is a definite requirement. A telephoto lens with focal length of minimum 300mm is also required.  400mm or longer lens allows better animal close ups.

Is flash required for the camp?

Using flash is NOT ALLOWED inside a jungle. Animals can react unpredictably to the blinding glare of flash light.