Monsoon Macro Photography Workshop

Macro Photograph of an insect

What is special about monsoon?

All seasons are beautiful and something special happens in each one of them.
Monsoon still holds a special place amongst all the seasons. There is something very unique about this season. It is a season when new life comes into this world!
Monsoon is a season of rejuvenation, newborns and new colours.

Monsoon macro photography workshop is the perfect place to learn photography of tiny world.

A walk in the clouds

Doing photography during monsoon is both interesting and challenging.
On one side there are challenges because of poor light, thick cloud covers and rains while on the other side there are immense shades of grey, greens and a terrific play of highlights and shadows. This unique combination presents an opportunity to every photographer to truly apply his skills by understanding the peculiar combinations of the camera settings in order to capture the maximum possible dynamic range of the scene.
The photographer needs to have a deft understanding of his camera and the camera controls. It is not very uncommon that photographs taken in cloudy weather turn out to be not the best that you wanted, and this happens when one does not understand the wide dynamic range existing in apparently dull atmosphere.

The rainy season also presents a multitude of opportunities for photographing flowing water and waterfalls. On a smaller scale, capturing tiny water drops with vivid and interesting reflections is yet another feast to any photographer.
Monsoon also sees an unbelievable range of new life springing out of nowhere.
A great opportunity for macro photography is presented by these tiny newborn life forms.

Click here to see a sample gallery of macro photography.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding diffused light photography
  • Understanding ways to capture maximum Dynamic Range in photographs
  • Special focus on Macro photography
  • Techniques of effective Macro Phorography
  • Using Flash in Macros
  • Expert guidance and tips
  • Opportunity to shoot with professional photographers


Camera with Macro lens or Macro attachments like Renox.
Waterproof camera bean bag OR low clearance tripod.
Rain cover for camera OR large, thick transparent plastic bags for camera protection.
Ring Flash / External flash with convenient reflector.


Fees for Monsoon Macro Photography Workshop:

Fees for the workshop vary between INR 2000/- and INR 3000/-, depending on the workshop location.
Transport and working lunch will be provided by the organizers.

All participants are expected to carry their own digital cameras for the workshop.

Batches restricted to only 20 participants to ensure individual attention.