Flash and Splash Photography

High Speed Flash Fun

Flash and Splash Photography workshop is a teaser for the creative mind.

It is true that a photographer never gets bored, if he has enough battery power.
Although this is true, sometimes, just the absence of a creative way of doing photography can make on helpless.

This workshop will demonstrate the practically unlimited possibilities of flash photography, without much of setup and equipment.

Flash and Splash Photography workshop will teach basics of off-camera flash, working with flash exposures, light direction and effects, hard light versus soft light.
It will also teach participants the ways of capturing high speed motions.

Creativity is never limited by surroundings, in fact, on the contrary!


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Workshop details :
Workshop StructureWorkshop Fees
4 hours on Saturday morning.
10AM to 2PM
Learn high speed captures
Learn creative splash photography
Learn to bring out colours

INR 1,200/- only per participant

If you do not have a flash unit,

We will provide off camera flash for use during the workshop.

Just carry your DSLR camera.