TILL 6:00 PM

Pratibimba is fortunate to receive a large number of entries by enthusiastic participants every year.

All the first round entries undergo a series of selection rounds by the designated selection panels.

The final count of entries is limited to between 65 and 70 only. This ensures high standards of the exhibition.

The final selected entries are intimated about the same and the final entry collection process is started.


For the selected entries, photographers will have to pay participation charges to avail of the Pratibimba platform.

Participation Charges* – INR 2500/- per participant

Participation charges are for using Pratibimba as a platform.

Printing Charges for each photograph will be INR 1350/-.

These will include printing on satin photographic paper,
6 micron lamination and mounting on foam board.
These will also include gallery expenses and printing logistics, print transportation and processing correction charges.

* Participation charges are applicable to only those entries that get selected for final exhibition.

For FAQs on contribution, please refer to

Print specifications:

Pratibimba goes with a print size of 24 X 18”this year.

Each photograph will have a white background of 2.5 inches on all sides.

This will provide the visual space for each photograph and enhance its beauty.

Pratibimba-Horizontal-Photos Pratibimba-Vertical-Photos

Digital Signature on photographs:

Digital signatures can be printed on each photograph.
The signatures will be added during the post-production work.
While it is NOT MANDATORY to have digital signatures, we encourage every photographer to use them as a mark of their creation.
The digital signature files need to be uploaded along with the final entries in .png format.
The signatures should be either BLACK or WHITE on a TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.

The naming convention is : NER_First Name_Last Name_digital-signature

Please note that typed names are not signatures and therefore will not be incorporated in the photographs.


  1. All participants are required to be present during the exhibition to interact with the visitors and talk about their work.
  2. All participants are required to be present for the Inauguration ceremony.
  3. All participants are required to be present for the Closing ceremony.
  4. Participants are required to collect their photo prints after the exhibition is over.
    Organizers are not responsible for safe keeping of unsold prints.
  5. The sale money from every photo print goes directly to the photographer.
    Pratibimba / Sheil’s Photography do not take any share of the sale value of any photograph.
  6. Every photographer is responsible for the delivery of the sold photographs to customer.
    Organizers do not take responsibility of delivering the sold photographs.


  1. Submit the original RAW files
  2. If the original shot is in JPEG format, upload the maximum size cropped image without any other editing.
  3. Before submitting, ONLY CROP the raw file in RAW editor and then upload.
  4. All crops MUST BE in 2 X 3  OR 3 X 2 aspect ratio.
  5. Use separate forms for every entry
  6. Ensure that all mandatory information is filled in
  7. To upload your selected entries, use the FORM LINK.

Easy way to create your digital signature:

  1. Make signature on a plain white paper with jet black OHP marker pen.
  2. Take a photo of that with your smartphone camera OR scan it if possible.
  3. Open the photo in Photoshop and crop close to the signature area.
  4. Select Magic Wand tool and select Whites.
  5. Press Ctrl +Shift + I to invert the selection.
  6. Make sure the feather value is ZERO.
  7. Press Ctrl + J to paste selection on a new layer.
  8. Hide all layers except the topmost one.
  9. Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S ans choose PNG 24 as file type option in the save as dialogue box.
  10. Name the file as “NER_First Name_Last Name_digital-signature”.