Pratibimba Participation FAQ

  • What is Pratibimba?

    Pratibimba is an yearly exhibition of photographs initiated by Sheil’s Photography.
    It started in 2011 and since then has been taking place once every year.
    Pratibimba enjoys a special place in the art loving community of Pune. It witnesses substantial foot-fall every year.
    It is a sought after event in the photographic community all over.

  • What does it mean to get my photographs displayed at Pratibimba?

    Photographs displayed at Pratibimba are selected through a very stringent process. There is always stiff competition and chosen photographs are always of very high standards.
    Having your photographs displayed at Pratibimba is a clear indication of the passionate quality of your art. It means that your entries have passed through the stringent tests and norms set by the selection committee and that your photographs are worthy of competing with the best.

  • What are participation fees?

    Participation fees are the amount you pay to step on the well set platform of Pratibimba.
    Your name gets associated with the brand of Pratibimba and you can enjoy the good will of the same.

  • Do I have to pay participation fees even in the future?

    Yes. Participation fees are applicable to all the participants for EVERY event.
    The only waiver from the same is for the members of the Earnest Photographer’s Group.

  • Can I join the Earnest Photographer’s Group?

    Earnest Photographer’s Group is a group of students and associates of Sheil’s Photography.
    You can become a part of the group by attending one of the training workshops at Sheil’s.

  • What happens when my photograph gets selected?

    Once your photographs are selected through the final round, you will get intimated about the entries that are selected. You will be further notified about the process of submission of the print ready images. You will also receive a complete list of other details about yourself and your artwork which needs to be submitted along with the final images.

  • What is covered in printing cost?

    Printing cost covers, as the name suggests, the cost of printing of the photograph.
    It also covers the cost of 6 µ lamination and foam board mounting.
    Apart from these, the printing charges cover expenses of logistic efforts of printing and transporting to the gallery.
    These also include colour profiling of the prints for the output printer, colour corrections and if required post-processing.

  • Can I print my own photographs?

    No. In order to ensure consistent quality of the prints, all printing for Pratibimba is always done centrally.
    We do not encourage and accept individual print jobs.

  • Can I sell my photographs at Pratibimba?

    Certainly. Pratibimba is an exhibition cum sale of photographs.
    Photographs displayed at Pratibimba can be sold at the price decided by the photographer.
    Sheil’s photography does not take any commission on such sales.

  • How much can I price my photograph for?

    The price for every photograph is decided by the photographer.
    Pratibimba only decides the bottom pricing. Photographs are not allowed to be sold at prices below the bottom pricing.
    This is done to ensure that the artworks do not get undervalued.

  • Can I send personal invitations for Pratibimba?

    Surely you can. As a matter of fact, all the participants also receive soft copy of the invitation.
    You are welcome to send these invites to as many people as you wish.

  • Two of my photos have been selected. I want to give only one. Can I do that?

    Yes. You can. Although we would usually expect participants to go with the selection.
    However, for any reason, a photographer feels that less number of photographs should be displayed, the same should be intimated to the Pratibimba managing committee immediately.

  • Are my photographs used by Pratibimba organizers for any purpose other than the exhibition?

    NO. You remain the owner of your photographs. Pratibimba organizers DO NOT use your photographs for any purpose in the future.
    The prints are collected back by the participants or their kin after closing of event on the last day.
    All hi-res photos are deleted right after the exhibition is over.
    The only place where the photos appear are on Sheil’s Photography website where online gallery is published after the event.