Photography Workshop for Corporate

Sheil’s Photography, Pune, has been involved in Employee Benefit programmes that help the individual nurture photography while on the job. This has resulted in increase in employee satisfaction leading to benefits for the corporates as well. Sheil’s Photography has conducted programmes in various formats for many companies.

Our workshops include highly interactive and participatory methods of learning. Quizes, theme building exercises and team assignments are some of the activites highliting the sessions.
Apart from simply nurturing the hobby, we tend to encourage the creative thinking side of the participants.
Besides the photography training, these workshops also work as great team building activity.

What do we cover in our programs?

E Emotive aspects of photography

TTechnical aspects of photography

AAesthetic aspects of photography

These programs are typically run in three formats:
16 hours of continuous training split into two days, each day with 8 hours session. We call it ETA 16 NS
16 hours of split sessions, with 4 sessions of 2 hours and one session of 8 hours. We call it ETA 16
8 hours of scheduled training completed in one day. We call it ETA 8

Our programs are flexible as well as customizable.

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