Buying your first camera

Buying your first camera is a very intense process. With all the enthusiasm one looks forward to embark on a journey of becoming a photographer. But simple as it may appear, the actual decision-making and choosing the right camera can become an ordeal.

With the onslaught of newer and newer camera models as also with manufacturer brands, one is suddenly surrounded by innumerable choices. Often, the salesmen don’t make your life easy either. Every manufacturer comes out with flashy and captivating advertisements making a new buyer believe that that very camera is the best and only choice!

No wonder that many enthusiasts end up buying their first camera under the influence of these advertisements or by trying to imitate someone they know.

This blog does not intend to sell any particular camera brand, neither does it try to advocate the use of any particular type of camera.
The purpose of this blog is to make the decision of buying first camera easy and well informed. It lists out various options and tries to give a better suited choice.

So here it goes!

Before learning to make the choice, let us find out what are the choices that we have.
In principle one has two choices.
A DSLR is the digital version of SLR cameras. DSLRs have interchangeable lenses.
Prosumer cameras are non-SLR ones. The term is derived from two words – professional and consumer. These cameras have a single fixed lens.
There is a third choice that of a fully automatic compact camera. For someone who intends to get more serious with the hobby of photography, this third choice clearly does not exist.

Now that we know that we have to choose between a DSLR and a prosumer, let us find out the pointers that will make us arrive at the best decision.

Prosumers are great companions and easy to tag along.
They are characterized by

  • Affordable prices
  • Versatile lenses
  • Reasonable image quality
  • Small sensor sizes compared to DSLRs.
    The small sensor limits the operational range of the camera.

DSLRs are used by serious photographers desiring high quality images.
They are characterized by

  • Larger sensor sizes
  • Very high quality imaging
  • Higher cost and heavy weight
    The larger sensors allow much greater operational range.
    DSLRs require different types of lenses for different types of photography.

If you have an aspiration for outdoor adventure activities, a prosumer camera is a great choice for you.
If you are starting with photography and are not sure how you will go ahead with this art, prosumers is the right choice for you!

If you are looking at photography as a serious hobby, it is worth investing in a DSLR.
If you intend to get involved in wildlife or bird photography, DSLR is what you need.
For any aspiration of near pro-quality photography, your obvious choice has to be a DSLR !

Today, a good prosumer and an entry level DSLR are nearly equal in price.
This prompts many buyers to make DSLR as their obvious choice.

However, DSLRs require much higher maintenance. A DSLR is a serious investment and should be done only if one is sure about pursuing the art in the future.
The basic DSLR usually comes with a kit lens of 18-55 mm focal length, which, very soon starts to becoming a hindrance in experimenting with photography.
One needs to understand that DSLRs imply recurring expense on additional lenses. And good lenses are expensive!

Think squarely before you make the final choice and invest in your first camera.
DSLRs are amazing, but will entail additional cost of lenses.
Prosumers are a great starting kit too. But they will not let you do professional quality photography.
So, take you time and think.

There are two factors that should NEVER influence your camera purchase decision;

  1. How deep your pockets are and
  2. What did your neighbor buy !!

There are great choices available in the market  today.
Both, for DSLRs and Prosumers.
Look for the features before you buy your camera.

After making your decision, visit a good website and read reviews of your selection.
There are many websites that provide such in-depth reviews.
Websites like are great places to find excellent reviews of photography equipment.

A word about mirrorless DSLR cameras..
Mirroeless DSLRs is a new breed of cameras that is taking it’s own share of DSLR market and very aggressively too!
These are wonderful cameras, with all features of a DSLR. They are much lighter in weight too.
Check for the vision during continuous shooting if you want to opt for this breed of cameras.

We hope this article will help you in making the right choice before you buy your first camera.

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We are always ready to help any aspiring photographer.
Our aim is to spread the awareness and quality in the art of photography.

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