Outdoor Fine art Model & Glamour Photography Workshop

What is Fine art Photography?

Fine art photography is essentially representation of the artists vision. It is different from representational photography. It does not intend to be used for either factual representation of facts such as photojournalism, or for product highlighting. It is purely the artists choice.

Fine art photography, therefore, enjoys the freedom of creative lighting, even unconventional or “crazy” lighting.
Fine art is well thought about. It is not an outcome of some hazy, random thoughts. Fine art basically is representative of an artist’s style.

In most places, fine art photography would demand high end lighting system.
Our workshop teaches how to create great light for your photos without expensive equipment. Just a couple of off-camera flashes is what we need!

Alongside are a couple of examples of outdoor fine art model photography.

Workshop includes;

  • Model interaction ethics
  • Understanding Flash light
  • Dual Exposure
  • Exposure Blending Techniques
  • Modifiers and Uses
  • Making Own Light Modifiers
  • Making Budget Setup
  • Model Posing Basics
  • Soft & Hard Lighting Methods
  • POV Decisions
Fine art Model Photo
Fine Art Photography

What you need for Workshop

DSLR camera

Standard Kit Lens (18 – 55mm)

50mm f/1.8 block lens

Any additional lenses you may have

At least ONE External Flash unit

Remote Trigger for Flash

Tripod / Monopod

Extra Battery for Camera

Extra Batteries for Flash Unit

Organizers will provide

DIY Modifiers

Supporting / Additional Flash

Workshop Details

Day 01 : Shooting Techniques (9 Hrs)

Session I

Understanding Light & Parameters

Single Flash Lighting

2 Flash Lighting

Planned Lighting Shots

Session II

Posing Techniques

Creative Lighting Plans

Creative Lighting Shots

Day 02 : Retouching Techniques (3 Hrs)

Demonstration of

Professional Retouching Techniques
for Model and Fashion Photo shoots

Fine art Model Photo

Maximum 12 participants / batch

Sufficient individual time for lighting

Group plans and execution

Timing :  

Day 01 :  07:00AM to o5PM

Day 02 : 10:00AM to 01:00PM

Fees : INR 6,500/- per participant