Bird photography workshop – These are special workshops teaching techniques and skills for bird photography. Bird photography is perhaps one of the most tricky types of photography. It not only requires good camera control, but also a fair understanding of the bird behavioral patterns.

Most of the time conducted at Bhigwan, one of the largest water bodies in Maharashtra, these Bird photography workshops start early in the morning and last till late evening.

Not only does the Bird Photography Workshop teach the skills in Bird photography but they also work as great group events !!

Programme Details:

  • Start from Pune by 5:00AM and reach Bhigwan by 7:15AM
  • Bird observation and strategy : 7:15 to 7:30
  • First bird shots : till 8:00AM
  • Boat ride for closer snaps : 8:00AM to 11:00AM
  • Return to base : by 11:30AM
  • Discussions and expert tips, photo reviews : till 1:15PM
  • Lunch : 1:30PM
  • Rest and query resolving at the base till 4:00PM
  • Evening boat ride and near pro-photography : till 6:00PM
  • Drive back and reach Pune by 9:00PM
Timings for every workshop may vary depending of the season and will be specified to the participants.

Programme Requirements:

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Minimum 250 mm zoom lens (higher the better !!)
  • Tripod / Camera bean bag or both
  • Camouflage clothing and camouflaged brimmed hat


1 day


Rs.2,750/- per participant including lunch

Max seats per batch: 20