Digital Post-processing Workshop

Finding hidden colours in photos

Pouring life in photos

Ethical ways of post-processing

Digital Post-processing is somewhat similar to Developing the film negative !!
That is why it is often referred to as “Digital Dark Room”. The workshop focuses on understanding the universally accepted methods and norms – DP BestFlow.

The photographs taken by a digital camera are often displayed with midtone predominance. It is a common feeling for a photographer to feel let down when the photograph is seen on a computer – it just doesn’t look like what was seen!
The good news is that more often than not, the “striking” part of the scene will still be hidden inside the image data.
Good post-processing is the art of deciphering this “hidden” information and then bringing it out to get your story right.

Digital Post-processing workshop includes

  • Understanding the digital image
  • Digital image formats and properties
  • Colour spaces and Gamuts
  • All steps of DP Best Flow methodology
  • Understanding RAW image
  • The RAW advantage
  • Understanding the “non-destructive” editing techniques
  • Editing and data loss and how to manage both
  • Complete sweep of Adobe Camera Raw
  • Knowing ACR controls and their specific functions
  • Developing RAW files
  • Basics of Photoshop Editing techniques
  • RAW and JPEG image processing flows
  • Output management
  • Tips and tricks of effective Post-processing to raise the quality of your photographs


Need for Post-processing
Image information and missing data
Finding hidden information
Advantages of RAW shooting
Adobe Photoshop & ACR
Layers and Masks
Blending Modes
Ethical processing techniques

Live demo and hands-on practice

Fees : INR 3750/- per participant

Fees inclusive of Tea / Coffee and Lunch.


For Workshop :
101, Paradigm Pearl, Near Syngenta Software, Baner Road, Pune.

(Detailed Driving directions and map will be sent to participants 2 days prior to workshop.)


The Post-processing Workshop has duration of 8 hours.

Day 1
9:30AM to 11:00AM Lab Session 01 Image file types, properties and need for processing
11:00AM to 11:15AM Tea Break
11:15AM to 12:45PM Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw features
12:45PM to 1:30PM Lunch Break
1:30PM to 6:30PM Lab Session 02
  • Adobe Photoshop interface, tools and uses
  • Masking techniques and blending modes
  • Adjustment Layers and application
  • Combining techniques to discover data
  • Processing demos
  • Participant photo processing

Workshop Requirements:


Individual Laptop
Power Cord
Card Reader / Camera – PC cord


Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 or above
(Bundled Adobe Camera Raw)
Adobe Bridge

Handy Freeware Tools

Faststone Viewer OR
Zoner Studio Free
(Both are freeware tools and readily available for download on internet)

Only 10 seats per batch.
Registration will end on Friday, 6th April, 2018